Tamarit 167, refuerzo estructural de la cimentación previo a la remonta

Refuerzo de los cimientos actuales mediante micropilotage y encepados de hormigón armado. La intervención se ha realizado en los puntos donde se ha previsto la concentración de los esfuerzos de la estructura de la futura remonta del edificio.

Proyecto y dirección de Joan Francesc García, arquitecto.
Dirección de ejecución por Alfons Sànchez i Roza, arquitecto técnico.

Tamarit 167, reforma interior de viviendas

Reforma interior completa de cinco viviendas en el edificio situado en la calle Tamarit 167 frente el mercado de Sant Antoni, en Barcelona.

Proyecto de reforma interior realizado por el despacho “THE ROOM & CO interiorismo”.

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(Español) Camí Can Caralt 7 – SANT ANDREU LLAVANERES_obra finalizada

Sorry, this entry is only available in European Spanish and Catalan.

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Perill 21 – work completed

In mid March 2014 successfully completed the rehabilitation work of the street facade. In short, the work done were: – The demolition and reconstruction of all the balconies for a new reinforced concrete. – Structural reinforcement of all lintels. – Remade all floral sgraffito. – Waterproofing balconies and new cornice. – Stapling cracks. – Refinishing discovered as original colors.

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Casanova 2 – work successfully completed

On August 2, 2013 we successfully completed the work of replacing the curtain wall of the office building, with a double skin according to the project made by the architectural firm ARQ Forum SLP.

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Has complied with the terms agreed with the property, adjusted according to the proposed improvements and the particularities of each owner and their own work execution. We noted substantial improvements to the uniformity of the initial project group, based using a single color for both the aluminum and glass exterior laminate all external metal parts (brackets and support gateway). As the company’s philosophy and designers, it has been shown that the time spent in the previous study has helped to keep the price of the work from beginning to end, being unchanged. finished facade IMG_0474 original facade


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