Project Description

Comprehensive rehabilitation of the building

Challenged by the property to rehabilitate a building almost in ruins, along with the imposition of performing the studies and work with a family living on the farm and a fixed budget, with the help of the office we ARQforum SL obtained levels of welfare and living standards above. In turn, following completion of construction, ownership, has commissioned jointly monitoring and maintenance management of the farm.

The building has been involved in:

  • Rehabilitation of courtyards and roof of the building.
  • Structural reinforcement of all the floors.
  • Full substitution of the floor of the deck.
  • Replacing existing facilities total plumbing, gas and electricity.
  • New telecommunications facilities, air conditioning and solar system.
  • Removal of architectural barriers to the installation of a lift up cover.
  • Remodeling of the lobby and the stair.
  • Main plant division into two separate entities.
  • Reform and complete adequacy of 6 apartments and 2 commercial.

Project Overview: DAGUERÍA 13

       Comprehensive rehabilitation of the building
Promoter: Comunidad de Bienes “De Caralt Moxó Dagueria”
  Location: No. Dagueria street. 13, Barcelona
Project and technical management: ARQ Fòrum SL
Final pictures work: Carles Ibarz
Initial Budget: 761.036,74 €
Budget force closure: 796.825,21 €
Touch area: 927,80 m²