Project Description

Comprehensive rehabilitation of the building with two-storey back

The execution of the project was technically very complex due to its location in the old city, not being able to use traditional building systems, being necessary to devise new systems out of the ordinary. To transport the metal (130 tons) was necessary to make a special metal trolley and hoist, and for concrete foundations and slabs are tube to create a network of pipes pumping 100 m in length.

The budget gap was because during the execution was decided to extend the work, including improvements in carpentry, facilities and rehabilitation of the existing facade and interior courtyards.

The building has been involved in:

  • Rehabilitation of the exterior walls.
  • Performing a two-storey back.
  • Rehabilitation courtyards models.
  • Structural reinforcement of all existing slabs.
  • Making a new structure of steel des downstairs.
  • Reinforcement of foundation by micropiling.
  • Replacing existing facilities total plumbing, gas and electricity.
  • New telecommunications facilities and air conditioning.
  • Removal of architectural barriers to the installation of a lift up cover.
  • Existing plants were divided into 4 entities and remounting into 4 more.

Project Overview: ESCUDELLERS BLANCS 1

       Comprehensive rehabilitation of the building with two-storey back
Promoter: LAND LORD SL
  Location: No. Escudellers Blancs street. 1, Barcelona
Project and technical management:: Joaquín Padró (architect)
Initial Budget: 623.540,40 €
Budget force closure: 788.307,00 €
Touch area: 870 m²