Project Description

Rehabilitation of the main facade of the building located in Perill, 21 Barcelona.

The building has been involved in:

  • Demolition of all the balconies
  • Reconstruction of balconies, for a new reinforced concrete.
  • Structural reinforcement of all lintels
  • Remade of all floral sgraffito
  • Waterproofing balconies and cornice, finished with nonskid stoneware pavement.
  • Repairing cracks and stapling vertical surface of the facade, reproduction coated with lime-based mortars.
  • Training and assembly of new balusters and ornamental stones in the continuous balconies.
  • Painted entire facade with siloxane paint, according to the original colors discovered.

Project Overview: PERILL 21

Rehabilitation of the main facade.
Promotor: Owners community
Localization: Perill street num. 21, Barcelona
Project and technical management: Francesc Calveras Cardona, Alfons Sanchez i Roza
Initial Budget: 78.650,00 €
Budget force closure: 78.650,00 €
Touch area: 360,00 m²