Project Description

Integral rehabilitation of the entire building located in Tamarit, 167 of Barcelona.

The building has been involved in:

  • Rehabilitation of main facade, rear facade and courtyards
  • Structural reinforcement of slabs.
  • Strengthening foundations for a back.
  • Rehabilitation and community hall staircase with new access as accessibility law.
  • Elevator installation.
  • inside Rehabilitation of homes.
  • New installations throughout the building, electricity, gas, water and telecommunications

Project Overview: TAMARIT 167

Integral rehabilitation of the entire building.
Promoter: Investment fund
Localization: Tamarit street num. 167, Barcelona
Project and technical management: José Caballero y Alfons Sanchez i Roza
Initial Budget: 780.000 €
Budget force closure: 800.000 €
Touch area: 1.800,00 m²