MULTIGRUP is Quality Service

  • We seek the highest quality in the project and its implementation within budget.
  • We comply strictly with the delivery date, formalizing a previous contract agreed between the parties.
  • We undertake works to not have to worry about our customers.
  • We know the latest developments in materials and diagnostic systems for rehabilitation.
  • Our staff is trained and specialized in each of the areas we work.
  • We use 1st quality materials.
  • We love our work, making yours our property .

In MULTIGRUP are specialists in rehabilitation and restoration of buildings.

Our Services

Comprehensive Rehabilitation

We conducted a personalized management and execution during the development of the work to completion, our labour and specialized technical department, from the complete study of investment, valuation and technical project implementation. Elaborate as your budget, with the utmost seriousness and quality execution and materials requirement.See projects

Restoring heritage building

We conducted a preliminary study of the intervention, agreed with the property, heritage building departments and / or regional government. For the execution of the work employ specialized personnel and economic works cataloged. The materials used are in compliance with the specific provisions and requirements.See projects

Interior design and decoration

We works interior design and decoration according to the project provided by the property, following the guidelines set forth. We seek the maximum customer satisfaction, demanding to our workmanship, quality of materials used and compliance with agreed deadlines. See projects

Community Works

We analyse the needs of the building according to their status, presenting our best performance. We adapt to the community’s priorities. We met on time and within budget. We offer maximum transparency in the management and execution of the work. We propose financing as the economic reality of the community.See projects

Maintenance of buildings

We prepare and we execute maintenance’s buildings plans , prioritizing preventive actions on healing. We propose maintenance interventions in a short and long terms to improve the quality of the building, cutting up futures pathologies or defects.See projects

Structural reinforcements

We do all kind of structural reinforcements, trying to minimize any inconvenience to the residents concerned. We reinforce with metal beams, with lightweight extensible systems standardized by the stamp of quality and last generation systems using carbon fibers.See projects


We remove the architectural barriers and we install lifts. We analyze and study the system best suited to the farm, we want the aesthetic and economic impact tightest, both in execution and maintenance. We handle all the work, from design to legalization prior to its start.See projects

Community Facilities

We adapt and substitute community facilities under Electrotechnical Regulations and Technical Building Code regulations. We study the possibility of adapting new sustainable facilities on buildings. For example, geothermal systems, solar thermal, wind, photovoltaic, interior improvement isolation, etc.See projects
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Value Added Services

Accompany ownership in the development of their ideas, until you reach the desired result turnkey, no surprises. Our involvement ranges from the complete study of investment, valuation and project implementation support provided.
Our technical study analyze the appropiated actions to the specific needs of the project and customer requirements, seeking the best technical and economic solutions. We direct the work professionally. We develop:

  • Project and Management.
  • Project feasibility of promotions aimed at the rehabilitation and improvement of buildings.
  • Comprehensive rehabilitation projects.
  • Back building projects.
  • Heritage restoration projects.
  • Projects of a condominium buildings.

Management and personal advice: accompany and advise on their property, accompanying the whole process from the beginning: initial inspection, appraisal of the work, project, licensing, possible grants, etc. until the end of project implementation. We study your needs seeking maximum value from their investment, and operating viability.

MULTIGRUP care and improving buildings and historical monuments.

Our Projects

Why choose MULTIGRUP?

  • We respect deadlines and budgets.
  • High technical capacity and experience in rehabilitation
  • Custom Management: accompany and advise on their property.
  • We improve their buildings and seek the best solutions.
  • We are responsible, serious and transparent.
  • Tight budgets and without surprises.

What our customers say

For me the word is MULTIGRUP defines professionalism.
Víctor Ferrús, Managing agent
MULTIGRUP is a serious company, job well done and speed in solving the problems that arise in a building site.
Sonsoles de Caralt Moxó, CB de Caralt Moxó Dagueria
MULTIGRUP is a serious, responsible and demanding in the making of the work, with its employees and partner companies, it is nice and clean staff in the work, ultimately recommend the work done by them.
David Gracia, Pitàgores 10-12 community president